10 Top Secrets Behind of Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

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Magic is one of the most mysterious and one of the very interesting things. we thought. Yes, It is interesting, but not mysterious as it was. Because we came up with some secrets, and now we have a simple explanation of the most famous tricks.

10. The Statue of Liberty disappears

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In 1983, David Copperfield performs a magic show that makes many astonished. He made the Statue of Liberty disappear completely. But his magic trick can be explained in simple words. The statue was disappearing in front of the audience with the help of a huge piece of fabric or covered by a big screen which was put in front of the audience. The whole illumination of the monument was turned off except for the spotlights. The magic or you can say Ellison created by the illusion of hollow space, and the sets of spotlights are enough to make the audience astonished and make them short term blind. After the monument was unveiled, people were not able to see it because their vision was temporarily blurred by the spotlights.

9. A huge truck disappears

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How to make a big and huge truck completely disappear when it was surrounded by the audience from all sides? Easy! All you need to do is drape a special construction over the truck, create a fake audience with your friends, Now ask somebody to drive the ruck out of the construction. When you take the drapes off, the truck is not there anymore. I think now you can understand why this trick is only performed over television.

8. Floating man

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have you ever seen this type of magic ever in your life? Yeah! Over on TV? Me too. But all the floating man in the middle of the street is neither a magician nor a yogi. The illusion is performed by the  placement of a steel structure. And the steel structure was  under the performer’s baggy clothes. Of course, no secret powers are used here.

7. Hand through glass

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This was the most common magic ever you may see in your whole life. A magician need to specially cut scenes to move a hand through a mirror or glass. The back screen covers 2 mirror panels. When the performance begins, the whole construction shifts the real mirror to the back side, moving 2 fake mirror panels forward. Now there is a space to move a hand. At the end of the performance, the assistants shift the real mirror to the front side again.6. Dollar bill magic

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You may have done this magic before because I did this too. Turning $1 into $100 is so easy when you know the secret. So what’s the secret? There is no such secret! The performer uses again illusion here. A magician folds a $1 bill in a special way and hides it behind his fingers. Then he carefully substitutes it with a $100 bill so that no one sees. This is when the magic of transformation happens.

5. Walking on water

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LOL! This one is the another example how the tricky magician makes us fool. The trick is usually performed in muddy or unclear rivers or man-made waters like swimming pools. The main goal is to make a glass or clear plastic platform essentially invisible to the audience. Now I think you can also walk over on the waster and I too.

4. Underwater chain escape

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Combining physical strength and tricky fake locks makes this magic happen. The assistants need to loosen the latches and hingesand the magician needs to get rid of the locks, gain a firm grip, and come up for air.

3. The signed card trick

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Now comes to card magic. The magician asks someone from the audience to put their signature on a random card.  Then he will tear the card into the four pieces. And magically restores the signed card in front of the amazed audience. But the trick is as simple as tie your boots knot. The illusionist has a folded card in his pocket, and he substitutes the signed card with it. The hidden card is torn, and the signed one is perfectly safe.

2. Sword swallowing

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For a few entertainers, figuring out how to swallow a sword can take years as it is a to a great degree hazardous practice. In any case, fakirs from everywhere throughout the world flabbergast individuals with the capacity to effectively swallow a sword. The trap requires loads of physical and mental arrangement. The illusionist positions his head up with the goal that his throat and stomach make a straight line and won’t be harmed by the sword.

1. Split man trick

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He cut down the middle figment just works when you watch the entertainer from the front. From the side, you can see that from the knee to the midsection, it’s really a plastic mannequin. Loose garments and body act make the ideal hallucination of a man holding his own particular legs.



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