5 Bizarre Coincidences That Actually Happened!

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We all are proofs of the amazing and masterful experiments, inventions and discoveries that have done in every field of life. But, yes, there is something that the whole universe can’t believe in, once and science can’t deny. Today we came with some mind-boggling unbelievable coincidences that will force you to scratch your head and think twice how it can happen?

Let’s have a look on those five unbelievable coincidences that are hard to believe. 

1. Coincidence Or Reincarnation.

On the left of this photograph, you can see the speed and costly car brand Ferrari’s founder Enzo Ferrari. Enzo died in 1988. And at the right in this image, you can see the soccer player Mizzou Tazio. Mizzou was born in 1988. The founder of great Ferrari company, Enzo died on August 14th, 1988 and after a month later, on 15th of October Arsenal footballer Mizzou was born. Do you believe in reincarnation? Whatever you believe in reincarnation or not, but not you must admit that these two have an uncanny resemblance to each other. This one is the first unbelievable coincidence that you have to believe in.

2. This Is Insane.

Stop here! This one is the another magical coincidence ever happened. All the survivors of the different ship tragedy had one thing in common, but I am sure that you will not believe. On December 16th a ship sank by an unknown cause, and only one person is able to skip from the darker side of the death his name was Hugh Williams. On December 5th, 1767, another ship sank by driving toward the north pole, and 127 people died, and only one man survived his life his name was Hugh Williams. August 8th, 1820, a family picnic boat sank in the river Thames in London, and you will not believe only one person came out of the river, and his name was Hugh Williams. And now I think that I should change my name to Hugh Williams. Aren’t you?

3. Twins Death Coincident.

Just think that how can it be so horrible! That two brothers died in the same way, in the same spot and by the same person. I know it is hard to believe. But you have to. The twin brother who died exactly the same way, on the same Road in the hands of the same man is an unbelievable coincidence, but it’s true. Neville and Erskine Abin two were died at the age of 17. And more interesting facts about their death is both of them are riding the same bike. But more interesting fact is Erskine’s accident occurred by the same taxi that killed Neville and guess what? The taxi driver was the same man who killed Neville. Their death has almost one year gap. They must have their accidental insurance policy. Unbelievable but true.

4. Man Who Couldn’t Escape Lightning Even After His Death.

If lightning struck you for 3-4 times, but there is some time interval what you say it is? During the first world war, there is US army major named Summerford. During the battle on Mr. Summerford accidentally lightning struck and he lost his tow down limbs. Then he moved to Canada. while fishing in Canada he again came across a another heavy lightning and affected. Lightning made the right parts of his body completely useless and it takes almost two years to recover from it. In one summer when he is walking through his garden again lightning phoned and he completely paralyzed. After two years he died. But lightning never leaves him. Again, after four years a huge lightning completely destroys his grave. Actually if he make his own health and disaster insurance he can get millions.

5. Amazing Twins.

Two twins were born separately! Is it believable? Of course not. Two twins were separately birth and adopted by the different family. Both families decide their name would be James. Both boys are entered in a same filed job, law enforcement. One as a security guard and the other as a deputy sheriff. Both married women named Linda and divorced them. They must be in need of a divorce lawyer or a repudiated law firm for their divorce. They again remarried, and again their wife’s name is same named Bessothie. They both named their son James Allen. Isn’t it weird? When both meet each other, they are completely surprised.

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  1. Jim Schezlick

    August 9, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    It stated “Their death has almost one year gap” – key word ‘almost’.

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