5 Bizarre Coincidences That Actually Happened!

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2. This Is Insane.

Stop here! This one is the another magical coincidence ever happened. All the survivors of the different ship tragedy had one thing in common, but I am sure that you will not believe. On December 16th a ship sank by an unknown cause, and only one person is able to skip from the darker side of the death his name was Hugh Williams. On December 5th, 1767, another ship sank by driving toward the north pole, and 127 people died, and only one man survived his life his name was Hugh Williams. August 8th, 1820, a family picnic boat sank in the river Thames in London, and you will not believe only one person came out of the river, and his name was Hugh Williams. And now I think that I should change my name to Hugh Williams. Aren’t you?

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