8 Things You Should Not Search On Google !

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Google is one of the best web search engine ever we have till date. Google helped us in many ways to get information, to get some rids of many problems and in many more ways. You can search anything on Google without thinking a bit. But there was something not to be revealed or searched in Google. So let’s have a look at the more disturbing, shocking things present on the Google. I have to warn you that this is not for the weak hearted. So please guys read it thoroughly and keep in mind that not to Google anything that I mentioned in the next.

Let’s have a look at the more disturbing, shocking eight things available on Google. 


Let’s start with head lice. The picture is not too irritating and shocking enough to add to the list. You may think that, but when you start surfing about head lice on Google, you will feel itchy like really really really itchy. I am damn and hundred percent sure that you will feel. Lice are pretty gross when you think about them. And Lice are live in your body that is not okay.

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