8 Things You Should Not Search On Google !

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Google is one of the best web search engine ever we have till date. Google helped us in many ways to get information, to get some rids of many problems and in many more ways. You can search anything on Google without thinking a bit. But there was something not to be revealed or searched in Google. So let’s have a look at the more disturbing, shocking things present on the Google. I have to warn you that this is not for the weak hearted. So please guys read it thoroughly and keep in mind that not to Google anything that I mentioned in the next.

Let’s have a look at the more disturbing, shocking eight things available on Google. 


Let’s start with head lice. The picture is not too irritating and shocking enough to add to the list. You may think that, but when you start surfing about head lice on Google, you will feel itchy like really really really itchy. I am damn and hundred percent sure that you will feel. Lice are pretty gross when you think about them. And Lice are live in your body that is not okay.


What you are thinking after watching the name of calculus bridge. No No No it is not a normal and simple mathematical bridge. And here I am suggesting you not to search it in Google. It is, actually, quite or fully different from it. Now you may ask why you will not search calculus bridge on Google. Well, it’s the whole tooth black extravaganza that you really, really don’t need to see. Mind my words and keep it in mind.


Now come to the number three. Ah! That’s classic. I think you know what it is. It’s a soggy biscuit challenge. But in soggy biscuit challenge, you just have to dunk your biscuit into your cup of tea for an unwanted result. But this is not a simple as it was seen like. For those who don’t know.


Now come to the number four we have crocodile before and after on this topic below. The crocodile is a highly addictive drug. And you must know that it was otherwise known as “Desomorphine”. People who are addicted to this drug are now in a serious problem, and they are putting themselves in a very big trouble. The high level of the toxic of this drug can make addict feel symptoms like being cooked and burned alive. Now I think you don’t dare to search it on Google. People who are addicted to it are never fully recovered from the ravages of their addiction.


Another classic we have fist popping if you’re fine with puffs on an extreme level, then sure go to a Google search of a cyst pop. But for me, I’m going to maybe stickler, I’m really not good with like an infection Vesuvius, So I just want to stay clear from anything slimy and green and oozing, boozing.


So Googling this can basically gift you with a picture of a person stretching out his arse so difficult that you can practically see off up him. Almost you may see up him. Don’t forget interest killed the cat. The only fairly fun element approximately this otherwise nightmarish inducing Google seek is the parody images which can be certainly formed of worth it.


Have you ever wanted to see a human parasite? I know you will say a strict no for it. Googling this word will bring you a lot of images and videos of humans have overrun with larvae which are being flown that turn into maggots.  And I don’t think that you have the guts to see maggots wiggling through someone eyeball, be my guest. So please please please stay away from it.


The University of Tennessee’s Anthropological research facility started worlds first body farm in the 1980s. It was set up for the various states of decomposition. How a human body goes under different stages of decompocations and all. The basically body farm is a huge space covered with human dead bodies in different stages of decay. You don’t want to see this one, trust me okay.

Now let’s have a funny picture that you mind can gain some wonderful feeling after this horrible and deadly knowledge. 

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